Saturday, October 9, 2010

Autumn in the Garden

It's been a strange year for weather here in the Pacific Northwest and the garden has definitely reflected that.  It is what it is. Every year is different.  We still ate solely from our garden all summer and the tomatoes continue to come in red.  The onions and carrots have been epic in size. We were swimming in green beans all season, still are, actually.  The freezer is full of veggies for the winter.  Not bad. I'm grateful.

Here is what I planted for fall and winter:

Lacinato Kale (will overwinter)
Rainbow Chard (doesn't like hard frosts)
Red Russian Kale (burly plants from a salad mix-overwinters)
Leeks (overwinters for spring)
Winter salad mix (in the cold frame-see below)
Mizuna and other mild greens (not liking the cool nights)
Parsnips (these were actually planted mid-summer and taste best after a frost or two)
Sugar Snap Peas (second planting in early August-they probably could have used more sun)
Carrots (seems like they can just hang out in the dirt forever)
Beets (ready in the spring)

Bret built me this great cold frame a couple of years ago for our winter lettuces...still working out some kinks, but I love it.  We didn't use the Ikea shelving since the hubby is so handy. I'm off to get garlic and shallots for planting today. Enjoy the comes the rain.


  1. looks like you're making dinner this weekend! nice harvest. :)

  2. um, pk and wiley are coming!